All source code is moving to Google Code

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All source code is moving to Google Code now.

Current project list includes:
1) GNSS-SDR front-end project wich include:
    a) PCB designed in KiCAD;
    b) CPLD-project made in Xilinx ISE WebPack;
    c) Firmware for USB-bridge cy7c68013a;
2) Real-time GPS receiver GPS-SDR addition to work with gnss-sdr front-end;
3) None real-time GLONASS receiver for SCILAB;
4) Console MS Windows program for streaming data to HDD from gnss-sdr front-end;
5) Hardware project wich include:
    a) Namuru based correlator ported to work with Wishbone bus;
    b) OSGPS based single channel GPS receiver (example of how acquisition and tracking is made in hardware receiver). This projects works in conjuction with Namuru based correlator;

From software receiver to hardware receiver or what can be achieved from a bundle of OSGPS and NAMURU

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Last 4 months were spent on experiments with hardware receivers implementation. The aim was to make a single tracking channel for 1 satellite. The base for this project are open-source projects: Namuru (correlator for FPGA) and osgps. Also gpl-gps project was used (reworked version of OSGPS for ARM7 mcu). On the following photo a device model is shown.

Hardware GNSS receiver