front-end gnss-sdr

October 04, 2010

On this page source files (schematic, pcb, program sources) for a gnss-sdr front-end are listed...

Here is the pcb photo:

front layer
back layer

PCB was made with the help of KiCAD. Here are the source files.

Firmware is based on USRP firmware. Excessive functionality was cut. And some functionality was added (MAX2769 control functions). Source files can be downloaded.

15.10.2010 Update!

Source code for CPLD.
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Posted by xiaoqian on February 22, 2011  •  06:10:30

This message is very useful to me.Thank you very much.

Posted by admin on February 24, 2011  •  09:21:46

You are welcome! :)

Posted by AngelaA on October 22, 2014  •  21:46:29

hi, we downloaded the pcb file(kicad source files) ,but when we open the schematic gnss fr front,
it doesnt appear,we opened with altium disgner.
what should i do ?

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