All source code is moving to Google Code

September 24, 2011

All source code is moving to Google Code now.

Current project list includes:
1) GNSS-SDR front-end project wich include:
    a) PCB designed in KiCAD;
    b) CPLD-project made in Xilinx ISE WebPack;
    c) Firmware for USB-bridge cy7c68013a;
2) Real-time GPS receiver GPS-SDR addition to work with gnss-sdr front-end;
3) None real-time GLONASS receiver for SCILAB;
4) Console MS Windows program for streaming data to HDD from gnss-sdr front-end;
5) Hardware project wich include:
    a) Namuru based correlator ported to work with Wishbone bus;
    b) OSGPS based single channel GPS receiver (example of how acquisition and tracking is made in hardware receiver). This projects works in conjuction with Namuru based correlator;
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Posted by jakubon2 on April 02, 2012  •  23:41:11

Thank you for your posts, I went through the source code of GLONASS SV orbit calculation and discovered bug in my code of SV time correction thanks to your code.

We are also working on an open source GNSS project, checkout our page, we provide HW for any dual L-band reception which might be helpful for you to get real data.

Posted by jakubon2 on April 02, 2012  •  23:42:02

There is a link to our work

Posted by admin on April 15, 2012  •  10:49:57

Nice to know that you find my posts useful! :)

Your project is very interesting. You've made a big step forward comparing your work with Namuru-project. Besides you have developed your own correlator that differs from traditional GP2021 architecture. And it's nice to know that you also use mainly open-source tools. I hope you will continue to develop your project!

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