Source code for acquisition and tracking algorithms of GLONASS L3 signals

October 09, 2011

Acquisition and tracking source code is available for download now. It's a reworked version of GLONASS L1 software receiver for scilab.
Details about new GLONASS L3 signals can be found here. The main differences of the new signals are:
1) Ranging code - trancated Kasami sequence (in L1 and L2 bands - -sequence);
2) Ranging code bit rate: 10.23 MHz (in L1 and L2 bands - 0,511 MHz);
3) Ranging coded is repeated every 1 ms as it was previously, but ranging code is additionaly modulated with 10-digits Hamming code ("0000110101"). Each digit of Hamming code lasts for 1 ms;
4) New signals are CDMA (in L1 and L2 bands FDMA is used);
5) Digital data is coded with convolutional coder;
6) Superframes, frames and strings length is changed.

Acquisition and tracking algorithms are made for now. The next step is to make viterbi decoder.

File with the new signal record from L3 band can be downloaded.
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Posted by adeel on June 23, 2014  •  10:34:48

Hi, I am unable to access the source code. please guide me

Posted by manonm on November 28, 2017  •  13:10:38

To simulate Verilog code, can I get FFF005.dat file ?

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