Accuracy of FPGA receiver

July 03, 2012

On the figure below coordinates variations are plotted. They are taken from FPGA+ARM receiver. The measurements were made during aproximately 1 hour with the speed of 1 measurement per second.


Variation of coordinates across each axis is about 80 meters that approximately corresponds to software GPS receiver SoftGNSS.
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Posted by hzhmonkeyhzh on November 13, 2014  •  14:23:02

Hello,Thank you very much for make public of all your code and debug information.
It has a very significant help for my research work.
Now I want to modify the Namuru baseband code to be suitable for BeiDou-2 (COMPASS)
system.(I am a researcher from China.)
The first thing I want to deal is to use the original namuru code properly,so I find your website and download your FPGA + ARM code.
Different from you,I use Altera EP3C40, use NIOS II processor to drive the baseband,use ucOS system.The transplant work has been done.
Now I face the problem that baseband seems no working.And I also find the code I learned from you is outdate.
Will it to be realized that give me a copy of new FPGA + ARM project code?Just like the result posted on your web?
After achieving your work such as GPS location with Namuru,I will try to modify the Namuru for BDS.Thank you very much.Waiting for your reply.

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