GNSS front-ends

October 04, 2010

When I started to experiment with GPS signal processing the first task that I had faced was a lack of signal records. One of the possible solutions is to make mathematical models of GPS satellites. But it's rather difficult for the beginner to take into account all factors that influence on the resulting signal...
The first solution that I have found was a file. In internet there are several web sites where files with GPS signals records are free to download. Here are some useful links:


This was an easy solution for the beginning. But records that are free for download are rather short. They can be used to check acquisition algorithms and tracking algorithms. But they are insufficient to make a navigational solution (coordinates of the receiver).

To overcome this problem one can buy a front-end that is used to make GPS signal records. There are a number of device on the market:


These device can be used to make a long signal records. All of the mentioned devices make records in L1 band (1575.42 MHz).
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