GLONASS: step towards CDMA

August 22, 2014

This summer almost unnoticed event has happened. In june GLONASS-M (755) satellite with L3-band equipment was launched. Since beginning of august this satellite was included in GLONASS constellation. This means that at this moment there are two satellites capable of transmitting CDMA signals in L3 band...
These events has become a reason for experiments with receiving signals in L3 band from two satellites simultaneously. Another reason is possibility to use SDR-receiver USRP B200 for these experiments. So the time when both satellites were visible had been chosen and the record was made. Pilot-component of the signal was chosen for processing. During experiments the fact that GLONASS-M transmits only pilot-component while GLONASS-K transmits both pilot and data-components of the signal was revealed. Results of signal processing are of the figures below.



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